Tuesday, April 28, 2009

THIS Is Why We Are All Doomed

Booksellers told The Daily Telegraph that while it is regarded in most countries as a ‘Nazi Bible’, in India it is considered a management guide in the mould of Spencer Johnson’s “Who Moved My Cheese”. Sales of the book over the last six months topped 10,000 in New Delhi alone, according to leading stores, who said it appeared to be becoming more popular with every year. Several said the surge in sales was due to demand from students who see it as a self-improvement and management strategy guide for aspiring business leaders, and who were happy to cite it as an inspiration. “Students are increasingly coming in asking for it and we’re happy to sell it to them,” said Sohin Lakhani, owner of Mumbai-based Embassy books who reprints Mein Kampf every quarter and shrugs off any moral issues in publishing the book. “They see it as a kind of success story where one man can have a vision, work out a plan on how to implement it and then successfully complete it”.

I am most worried that some world conqueror in Mumbai is reading 'Mein Kampf' in the same week as he reads 'Who Moved My Cheese' (which sounds like the worst title to a Dr Seuss book ever). That is doing NONE of us any good. Someone moved my cheese so I am taking my army into Poland. Get a grip. Its just cheese.


Darius Whiteplume said...


As if management types are not evil enough?!?

The League said...

I had to read "Who Moved My Cheese?" for prof. development at work several years ago. The book isn't particularly good or bad, but it is a series of confused metaphors about elves, mice and cheese, if I remember correctly. What was awesome was that it was our new bosses way of soft-selling the concept of change to a team of state employees who were terrified of change and changes in technology beyond adding canary yellow paper to the photocopier.

Comparisons to Mein Kampf are tragically hilarious.