Sunday, April 19, 2009

Who Wants To Live Forever?

I was playing my old Queen records today and they reminded me how much I loved this music when I was a teenager. I decided to post some videos of the greatest songs and had to start with 'Who Wants to Live Forever' which is one of the greatest movie theme song of all time. From the movie Highlander it can be seen as a sorrowful lament by immortals but its actually a hauntingly beautiful cry for all those who died of Aids or will die of Aids. Freddy Mercury is my all time favorite singer and the greatest of the rock era in my opinion.(eight octave range bitches) He had flash and was such a commanding presence on the stage...someone who was born to do what he did. Queen was the first supergroup I loved when I started to listen to their records(yeh bitches you read right - RECORDS). Once talked my sister into giving me her record choice so I could buy 'Night At The Opera' AND 'Day At the Races'. Nothing sounds like Brian May's guitar and both he and Mercury are a song writing duo as good as Lennon and McCartny ever were. Knowing that Freddy was to die soon after this song was made only makes it more heart wrenching. Only his vocal powers could propel this ballad to the heights he takes it to.

When they did the tribute to Queen after Freddy's death I heard that they were having George Michaels sing 'Somebody to Love' and thought I would swallow my own tongue. Maybe it was low expectations at the time but George hit this one out of the stratosphere and the ending still gets to me after all this time. You just know THIS was the tribute performance that pleased Freddy the most when he was looking down at it.

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