Thursday, April 23, 2009

Season Two For Fringe things are back to normal. Finally some good news for this awesome TV show. I could watch the relationship between Peter and Walter all day long. Have said it before but it bears repeating that John Noble is EMMY BAIT! Last night's episode puts our heroine Olivia squarely at the center of the conspiracy surrounding Massive Dynamic, the evil corporation in the middle of everything weird on the show (and as everyone knows I hates me some evil corporations like MD and that frickin Umbrella Corporation). I no longer watch Heroes or Lost because they let their mythology get out of control. I hope Fringe keeps a tighter reign on their mysteries and doesn't allow them to get bogged down in all that minutia. A little mystery is good...too much is annoying.

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Wings1295 said...

Here, here! I love FRINGE, and hope it sticks around for awhile. But yeah, they need to keep things simple.

I still watch LOST and HEROES, but sometimes I think "what the hell???"