Friday, April 17, 2009

Loves Me Some Baby Lyssa

Now I have written about Dog the Bounty Hunter before. I find him to be a very compelling character and admire the way that in an alternate universe he could have been a very dangerous criminal and hurt alot of people. However, for some reason he found the strength to walk away from the dark side and use his skills (the primary one which is his heart) to make the world a better place. For Dog, family is everything and I gots me a love for Baby Lyssa one of his 10 kids. I love love love the overbite and the sweetness that she has. I suspect also that with a little bit of training that she can be as badass as her father or brother Leland. Give me more Baby Lyssa like the spin-off show where her and I hunt down zombie fugitives in post apocalyptic wasteland in our Spider-man recreation vehicle. Don't could happen.

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