Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wednesday Comic

I am totally looking forward to this. I love the idea of a newpaper sized comic book and the one page strips reminiscent of the kind of stuff they had back during the golden age of newspaper strips like Tarzan or the Phantom or Flash Gordon. These are the first two pages released by DC comics and they look fantastic. Some people have argued that these won't be popular but I disagree. I wish DC would just eat the cost of production and just give them away at comic book stores to draw in new fans and especially kids who are the future of the medium which we all know is dying due to high cost that discourage people from buying all the titles that they would like to. I have no problem with digital comics and have over 12,000 'floppies' in my collection. I will be nice to have something like this to read in the bathroom where we know all the great literature of the world is consumed. Okay you bitches at Marvel its time to step up and totally copy a great idea and lament the fact that you didn't think of it first.

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