Monday, June 1, 2009

I Got A Birthday Card

From my most beloved Lisa Mynx. I mention her alot because she is one of the coolest people I have ever met and the Cave of Cool always has room for someone with such a fierce intelligence to school me and keep me honest. She helps me maintain my status as the 'smartest guy in the room'. I know sometimes that I may say something stupid and insensitive that can annoy her but my life would be so sad without her in it. She sent me this card and I love her for the gesture. For a guy who has never had many friends I need to show my appreciation for those who spend their time interacting with me either online or in person. My unlimited love to you all.


Wings1295 said...

Well, I didn't send a card, but here is a link with lots of "octo-goodness" you can peruse. I am sure you can find some interesting pics to post here!
Octopus Stuff to Buy

Booksteve said...

I'm staying out of the octopus thing but Happy Birthday anyway!