Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Most Hated Meme

OOOOO I love this meme. Time to vent from deep inside the 'Well Of My Bitterness'.

1. Most hated food - Beets - soft, mushy, blood like pseudo-potatoes that I wouldn't feed to a pig. Though one of my favorite foods is beet leaf bread - go figure.

2. Most hated person. - Celebrities who won't go away and do NOTHING to earn their fame except sing a song or produce a litter of puppies...yes I mean you Michael Jackson, Paris Hilton, Octomom and Kate Gosselin.

3. Most hated job.- Stocking shelves at Superstore - monotonous and gave me too much time to think about what would burn best and fastest in the store.

4. Most hated city. - Bismarck North Dakota - Why? It knows why.

5. Most hated band - Nickelback - poorly written songs with forgettable hooks and possibly the worst singer of the rock era. Totally undeserved awards and praise due to the fact that their category of music is so devoid of talent. An embarrassment to Canada even worse than Celine Dion and that is saying something.

6. Most hated web site - Bill O'Rielly.com - Just lies and hate speech.

7. Most hated TV program - American Idol - Weeks of stupidity just to choose the best gay karaoke singer my neighbourhood bar could produce.

8. Most hated movie - Begins and ends with Space Balls - only movie I ever walked out on.

9. Most hated artist - comic artist Rob Leifeld

10. Most hated book - The Bible - A nice bronze age book of fairy tales but I hate those who use it to validate their bigotry and hatred.

11. Most hated shop - Walmart - 22 checkouts - 2 tellers - Christmas - 'nuff said.

12. Most hated organization - Church of Scientology - Xenu? WTF? Batshit crazy religion (?) whose backstory would make you laugh if you heard it - but that is actually what they believe. Makes the Purple Spagetti Monster look like Moses.

13. Most hated historical event - 9/11 - A lot of evil was justified in the name of that event and I doubt that anyone who died that day would want that as their legacy.

14. Most hated sport - NASCAR

15. Most hated piece of technology - cell phone

16. Most hated annual event - Christmas - Always seems like it teaches the wrong lessons and misses the opportunity to set the correct tone for the world.

17. Most hated daily task - trying to fall asleep

18. Most hated comedian - George Burns (old school) / Jim Carrey (new school) - Carey is always over the top and insufferably smug - Burns is just not funny which for a comedian is death.


Wings1295 said...

1. Ate them long ago and didn't like them.

2. Ditto!

3. Had a love/hate thing with the same type of job.

4. Er... not sure if I have one of those, although Lakeland FL is pretty bleak.

5. Don't really listen to them, either.

6. hehehehe

7. I like IDOL, for the most part.

8. I am beginning to think the new HAllOWEEN 2 will be my least liked film!

9. Ditto, although I have no love for Erik Larsen, either.

10. Hate it too, and hate that some people take it literally! Love when I see it sitting in the ficition section at the book store.

11. Don't hate shops, but hate the rude clerks in some of them!

12. Ditto.

13. Ditto, too, sadly. :(

14. Football for me.

15. Cell phones are okay, bluetooth is annoying! Use it in the car, ONLY!

16. Not sure here. Christmas is non-religous for my family, so we enjoy it for other reasons.

17. That isn't a hard one for me.

18. Burns was okay, more so with Allen, less so when she was gone.

Carrey can be annoying, for sure. And so can Will Ferrell, which has me nervous for "Land of the Lost"!

Wandering Coyote said...

Hey, thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog! I'm glad I found you! Seems by this meme at least that we have a few things in common. I wish I'd thought of the Scientologists - I can't stand them either.

I am, however, a fan of Nickelback. We'll just have to agree to disagree on that one.

I missed #8...I'm not sure what my most hated movie is, but it's early in the morning and I'm still groggy, so I'm sure something will come to me one the haze has worn off.

Darius Whiteplume said...

With you for the most part. Scientology gets nudged to second place by anti-abortion activists, but it is a tight race. I wouldn't watch a Tom Cruise movie if it had Lynda Carter and Pam Grier naked jello wrestling (filmed circa 1975 ;-).

I thought everyone in Canada had the same least favorite city? Toronto :-D

(I loved the Big Smoke, by the way - trying to convince the wife another Toronto trip is necessary)

Video Zeta One said...

I HATE Nickelback. I would have found a way to work them into all 18. (example: Most hated event - the formation of Nickelback)

joe said...

I'm totally with you on Michael Jackson, Nickelback, and beets. Beets make me gag, they're totally banned from my house.
As well as M.J. and Nickleback.

Wings1295 said...

Now I did it, too!
Most Hated Meme

Jim Polichak said...

I think that you might be selling George Burns a bit short. Until Gracie retired then passed he was half of one of the best comedy duos on stage and screen. Several episodes of The Burns & Allen Show are readily available for you to watch or just ask your parents, aunts, and uncles.