Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bad Start to 'Year Of The Tiger'

How big an ego does Tiger 'yeh I did her' Woods have? When he heard it was the 'Year of the Tiger' he thought they were talking about him. Why else would we all have to be told 5 days in advance that Tiger was coming out of seclusion to give a press conference on Friday? Was this to give us time to take the children out of school, take a sick day and push the pause button on the Olympics?

Surely this address to the unwashed masses needs maximum media coverage. GAH! I can't stand it. I am not mad at him for having sex with cocktail waitresses. I am mad that the world now seems to have to stop for this address to planet Earth.

When you refused to speak you at least had SOME dignity left. Don't give the vultures what they want, Tiger. You can golf but I never want to see you talk again. Nothing. It will make the media crazy and that I can live with. In fact you owe it to us.

The endless analysis and punditry that will accompany your 'sermon on the mount' will only be a negative thing for us all. You are better than that or at least I thought you were. You do this and they will have you for lunch and when that happens, don't say I didn't tell you so.


Ian said...

Seriously. Who gives a rat's ass what he has to say? Just play golf, divorce your wife and bang as many hot chicks as possible. And oh yeah don't get married again you dummy.

Drake said...

Tiger will be 30 miles from me tomorrow making his mea culpa announcement or whatever it is speech.
Tiger can just go away forever if you ask me.

Margaret Benbow said...

Didn't Wilt Chamberlain (the Big Dipper!) proudly boast of having 10,000 girlfriends, or was it 20,000? He was married at the time,but media types kind of chuckled about it. Then we have Tiger Woods doing a Jimmy Swaggart routine with tears and prayers for forgiveness, and all the sudden the news guys are all Mormon bishops and not sure if they can bring themselves to forgive him. So vomitous.

DrGoat said...

Hey, the big news from the local news channel here in Tucson this morning was Sandra Bullock got her lost dog back. I don't give a shit. This goes for Tiger Woods. The big match play event is in Tucson this week, and all they could talk about was how Tiger wasn't there.

Megan said...

Well I'm for sure not watching SportsCenter tonight. Gah.

Surge said...

"Mea culpa anncounment or whatever it is speech"

Yeah! Woo go tiger, I don't really care either way.. at least he's something to gossip about