Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Um, That Is Kinda The PLAN, Stupid

Once again, one of my agents (Scott) saw something cephalopod related and thought of me. This story has some bleeding heart whining about how we bad people are making things rough for what could possibly be the most terrifying of all the squid species out there.

Are people so in love with ANY kind of vampire that they will give anything with that name a free pass. As the vampire squid falls, so do the rest. I trust nothing that 'has remained unchanged over millions of years'. All that means is that is has perfected it's method of killing to a finely honed skill. Damn human collaborators.

THE FREAKIN' THING CAN TURN ITSELF INSIDE OUT WHEN IT DOESN'T FEEL LIKE BEING PURPLE TODAY. Does this not validate everything I have been saying all this time?

Threatened by human activity? No. ENCOURAGED by human activity to give up the ghost. Point - Calvin's Cave of Cool.

Vampire Squid Threatened By Human Activity

The vampire squid is one of many unheard of creatures living in the deep sea. The species, which is technically not a squid, but a cephalopod, had been living fairly anonymously since it first appeared 300 million years ago, even before dinosaurs existed, according to National Geographic. Only now is it getting more attention because its existence could be threatened by human activities, according to a report by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute.

The vampire squid has a unique ability to turn itself inside out when it feels vulnerable to predators. This skill, however, will not protect it against the dangers of human activity:

"They are threatened by ocean warming, decreasing oxygen, pollution, overfishing, industrialization, and dozens of other changes taking place in the deep," said Bruce Robison, of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute. "We have a responsibility to learn all we can about these amazing animals and to protect them from the greatest danger to life in the deep-- the human species."

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TS Hendrik said...

Their scientists must have created some kind of human-squid hybrids. There's no other way to explain an outpouring of support.