Wednesday, February 17, 2010

When Facebook Jumped The Shark For Me

I admit that I like those 'Lock-up' shows on MSNBC. Prison life is fascinating to watch from a very safe distance away. These are the guys we need to be sending off to war. 'Fight For Your Freedom' rehab programs would work. But all you get is a spork until you work your way up to a banana or a sharpened stick (insert Monty Python sketch here).

Today I saw on the bottom scroll of the show that MSNBC has a Facebook fan club dedicated to this show. I don't think I want people named 'Icepick' or 'EarEater24' to be 'friending' me. Friends like Nicole are bad enough. (joke joke...I keed...I keed because I love)

What if this is the ONLY show those club members watch? Do I really want my inbox filling up with 'how to make a shank out of a shinbone' or 'raisin muffin cellie surprise recipes'?

There are always people that will get all bend out of shape because you prefer Lock-up RAW to Lock-up EXTENDED STAY. That is like saying that I like one 'Law and Order' or 'CSI' over another. It's the same frickin' program bitch - and yes THAT is appropriate prison talk...bitch.


TS Hendrik said...

Ok yes that is a little creepy.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I sent you a friend request under my real name on Facebook and I have yet to hear from you.