Friday, February 19, 2010

Triangle (2009)

I hate movies that start with scenes of neighborhood tranquility. Add that tinkly piano music and some girl singing 'la la la la' and you just KNOW nothing good is going to happen.

The story begins with the ringing of a doorbell. When answered the young woman finds no one there. This freaks her out and she packs a bag and leaves with her autistic child (we suspect it's her child).

The next time we see her, she is at the docks. Triangle is the name of the boat that she sails on with her friend. The child is not with her. Two other males and two other females join them on their voyage. The woman (Melissa George) seems out of it. She can't remember where her child is when asked. I can see where this one is going from up the street.

The two women gossip about the young woman. One is a long time friend and the other is someone that the LTF brought to meet the owner of the sailboat. However he is interested in the woman with the autistic child who works at a diner near the harbour.

Suddenly the wind stops and the sailboat no longer moves. A storm quickly moves in on the stationary craft. ooooooooo, moody. They call the coast guard but the message is interrupted by a woman in distress who says "They all are dead". Not good.

The storm rises quickly and smashes the boat. As quickly as it started, the storm stops and the five survivors make it to their overturned craft. As they wait for rescue a large cruise ship comes out of the mist. They think they are saved but we all know better don't we? The young woman, however, has the 'heebie jeebies' and so did I. A huge ship that sails while totally deserted (except for our survivors) is never a good thing. NEVER.

What follows is a lot of tense moments. So tense in fact that when I heard Admiral Fluffy meow behind me I almost filled my diaper.

I just wish every other character besides the young women would have been more freaked out by the deserted ship they find themselves on. I wish they knew that when you are stupid in one of these movies, you die and die horribly. Am I wrong horror film lovers?

The film moves fast and most events that happen have no reasonable explanation at first. There are several "WTF?" moments. I stuck with this one because I thought I had everything figured out early and I like having my genius confirmed by the end.

However...what do I know? I guarantee that when you get to the end you will be satisfied and tell your friends to see it. It's a cool intelligent little thriller. To tell you any more than that would be ruining this gem in the worst way.


Fnord said...

Because of you this is moving to Netflix Movie #1 in my Queue!

Good review! It intrigues me!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

You should be intriqued. It's a mind scrambler.

Fnord said...

It doesn't take much...

Wings1295 said...

I think this is already in my queue, but I may bump it up!

TS Hendrik said...

It's been in my horizon, but I'd mostly written it off as looking like another cheap and quickly turned out horror clunker. I'll have to give it a chance now.