Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tool Academy

Tool Academy - What a train wreck of a program. I hate that I love watching these assholes get caught with their own words in front of their girlfriends. It's the same with Maury Pauvich when some idiot who JUST FAILED A LIE DETECTOR gets caught kissing some decoy in the green room. Have you never SEEN the program before? Do you not know they just set you up? Or are you too into yourself to think that far ahead?

It infuriates me that these 'Tool Academy' douchebags actually have women that still love them regardless of how many times they have been cheated on. At the point where it is proven to you that your man is unfaithful and you still STAY with him - that is when I stop having any sympathy for you whatsoever.

It's the same for abused women. I know there is a whole psychology behind why women stay in those toxic relationships but a huge part of me wants to tell them they get what they deserve. And no one hates to see women and children abused more than me.

I could never be a judge or a part of the 'Tool Academy' crew. I would carry a frying pan around all day just for the moment when they get that douche look on their faces - then POW. And before you ask? YES, violence does solve some problems. Can you pass me that bag of frozen oranges for a second?

The truth is that I would never actually hurt anyone. Words are my weapons. I have encountered many such of these 'tools' and they hate to be embarrassed by anyone smarter than them. They hate to be laughed at and they do it to themselves just by opening their mouths. I just listen for a minute and I have all the ammunition I need to make them cry.

I would rather be fat and smart than built but dumb. The kind of skank they attract I want nothing to do with - a toolette which sounds like toilet.


TS Hendrik said...

I have never heard of this program before and I think I'm glad.

M. D. Jackson said...

I tend agree with you to a certain point. Some people, particulalry those seen on television on these types of shows, do seem to be so mind numbingly vapid as to defy belief.

Nevertheless, despite what you say, I beleive that you would have endless sympathy for a woman who found herself trapped in an abusive relationship. The dynamics and complexities of such a situation (in real life, not on TV) are very real and sometimes quite frightening. If you were to find yourself face-to-face with that kind of situation or one of its victims I belive that your attitudes would be irrevocably altered.

As for the difference between fat and smart and built and dumb, they are irrelevant. Fat and smart people can be just as big (if not bigger ) tools than men (or women) who are built and stupid