Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ronald Howes, inventor of Easy-Bake Oven, dies at 83

I am a pretty good cook. I started by making awesome pizzas since at ten and continued from there. I have taught Home Ec many times and always held a huge dinner for teachers and families at the end of each semester.

I am not ashamed to admit that my first experience with cooking anything on my own came with my sister's (well, really my) Easy-Bake Oven.

For some reason that Christmas my parents mixed up the name tags and I got the huge extra pack of mixes and frosting's while my sister got the oven. I refused to acknowledge the mistake and squirreled the large package away until the moment I knew they would give me the power.

I waited patiently for my sister to use up the mixes that came with the oven and tolerated her meager sharing. When she came to me to ask for what I had, the control was mine.

Like a professional I whipped the batter with the mixer in our kitchen and watched over the light bulb baking like a mother hen watches over her chicks. Putting icing on a cake that was not yet properly cooled was something that just WASN'T done.

Sure I ate my fill, but there was nothing better than sharing with others.

The years have passed but I still fondly remember MY Easy-Bake Oven. Thank you Mr. Howes.


TS Hendrik said...

Ok seriously, Death is ticking me off. Why is he targeting childhoods everywhere?

Wings1295 said...

Well, he left quite a little legacy behind.

My kids had these, but never got overly thrilled over them after the first go round. Ah well.

Jeff said...

Lemme guess he is being cremated?

K.Winn said...

He's not being cremated, just for an FYI.

Booksteve said...

My 5rd grade girlfriend Debbie had an Easy Bake Oven and she baked me a cake with its lightbulb right in her living room back in 1969 and mmmm, mmmm, it was tasty! I really wanted one for myself but...I was a boy and that was a girl's toy! Grumble, grumble, grumble!