Sunday, November 14, 2010

Belts - Not Booze And Not Always To Hold My Pants Up

Multifunctional Fashion Accessory of the Day: 686 Enterprises’ tool belt (get it?) not only contains two different types of screwdriver tips, three different types of socket heads, and a bottle opener, but also legitimizes the unfastening of one’s belt in public, which is by far the best reason to pick one up.

This thing looks great but it needs to be like James Bond's belt that fires the metal dart into the wall followed by a cable so you can swing from one building to another. What? That problem comes up more often in my daily life than I care to mention.

I am not a handy guy. I can barely hang a picture and the process of putting my computer chair together was a nightmare I care not to ever discuss. However, I do like this belt design because I am a huge fan of the UTILITY BELT.

I loved to study the schematics of Batman's famous utility belt because of all the ways that various creators imagined it to be if you ever replicated it in real-life.

Sometimes it looked very impractical or over-simplified. Anyone could add pouches to their Halloween costume and get the LOOK right but I was always more interested on what went into the pouches. They were always too small to carry much of anything - certainly not enough hard cherry candy to get one through a night's stake-out.


DrGoat said...

I could really use some of those tiny grenades.

Anonymous said...

That tool belt is going on my Christmas list.