Monday, November 29, 2010

Does 'Fascinating' Mean The Same Thing As 'Repugnant'.

Off to another thing I hate, especially around Oscar time, and that is the yearly Barbara Walter specials. I haven't watched one in a decade because her skills as an interviewer have only weakened over time and they weren't great to begin with.

I am, however, always interested in who she finds 'FASCINATING' each year. Usually it's someone who has done something scandalous or has does nothing to contribute to human civilization except to take from it.

I will be totally surprised if one of her '10' is NOT Charlie Sheen. He is hot as dragon shit right now and he is just vain enough to try to convince all of us that he is not the douchbag we all think he is.

The other 8 are as follows

Justin Bieber - oh that she would wield a shovel to the face of this brat. If he had one ounce of talent or was anything other than a punk I might be interested in his story. For that moment that I do become interested we always have his autobiography. Gah!

Sandra Bullock - I like her and she gets the sympathy for what her scumbag husband did to her. Do you think he made her dress up with fake tattoos in the bedroom when they were happily married? Loses points for the stunt baby she adopted. "The Blind Side" was one of my favorite movies last year and I resent that. It manipulated me but good.

LeBron James - I am not a 'sport' guy but I thought his behavior towards the city that loved and embraced him for a long time, was pretty shameful.

Jennifer Lopez - hasn't been relevant in years. Joins a failing tv show and gets a divorce - what makes her fascinating exactly?

Kate Middleton - is this the one going to marry Price William? I couldn't care less unless she then becomes someone who uses her fame for good. Wonder how Selena stayed off the list? Must have been all those trips to Africa for UNICEF that kept her off Barbara's radar. I couldn't be more thankful for that.

Sarah Palin - This is her third year in a row on the list. For someone who despises the “mainstream media,” she sure gets a lot of coverage. Media whore and dangerous idiot who was one heart attack away from calling North Korea 'our friend' when that statement could have done a lot of damage. Pimps her family out for her own need for attention. Absolutely despicable.

Betty White - It might seem like ages ago that Betty White hosted Saturday Night Live, but that was technically this year! Now Betty is the real deal. Has done a lot for animals in zoos and never lets me down in anything she is cast in. Took her recent flood of attention with grace and good humor. Hosted THE best episode of SNL in the past decade - I know because I watch it every week.

The cast of The Jersey Shore - I watched this year. They are harmless as long as anyone is not pointing a camera at them. When they get any attention they only contribute to the dumbing down of a culture that is shallow enough to begin with. Did I miss something and did Snookie find a hangover cure? Or toe jam cure? Or brain damage cure? Oh right, that was Sarah Palin who knows everything about everything and is never wrong.

What about?....President Obama, Michelle Obama, Demi Lovato, Katy Perry, Christine O'Donnell, Bill Maher, Alan Grayson, Stephanie Miller, Kanye West, Robert Kirkman (the creator of 'The Living Dead' but that would require Babs to be hip and not a decade behind - see Jennifer Lopez)

Who is on your list?


Paladin said...

Yep. Hard hitting journalist. "If you were a tree, what kind of a tree would you be?" pretty much sums up her credentials.

Kal said...

The saddest thing is that what you just said gives her more gravitas that she deserves. She is lighter than a popcorn fart.

Drake said...

She could have included the Chilean miners, hell i think he's a douchebag but what about Glenn "Beckie" Beck and his stunt demonstration, i mean if you have Palin...You just know Barbara has no clue what's going on today.
Joy Behar,Jon Stewart, Stephen Cobert too many more to list who are more relevant than the ones she picked.

Sam G said...

Agree with you assessment. Bawbaw Wawa really should bow out gracefully.

csmith2884 said...

Wow I honestly thought she had died, Betty White aside there is no one on that list I would care to hear anything about.