Monday, November 15, 2010

How Are You Gonna Text With Nubbs For Fingers?

The Daily What is another of my daily visits. Today they posted things that were at both ends of the spectrum.

The first is just about the most stupid thing I have heard of. These gloves that somehow allow people to text while outside in the cold are an abominations. Can't you leave your phone in your pocket for the time you are outside? Do you really need to freeze the tips of your fingers off just to get that idiot tweet from Justin Bieber?

I do not have a cell phone or hand-held personal device, as you know, so I don't get why one would need these half-mittens. It's like wearing assless chaps to the ski hill because you don't want to fart in your snow pants.

Now this next invention is relevant to my interests. How cool would it be just just have four mini cherry pies a cookin' while I create my posts? That is civilized behavior, people. This creation is almost as good as having my jet pack ready to go. The future that is now is a glorious thing indeed.


Katie said...

"It's like wearing assless chaps to the ski hill because you don't want to fart in your snow pants."

Funniest thing I've heard all day.

csmith2884 said...

Oh great and powerful one, I have some fingerless gloves. Sort of, they are like mittens and the tops pull back to have your fingers. Not for stupid cell phone what not, for shooting. I also have a special pair for summer that help grip the manual wheelchair grips ..go fast don't blister you palms. Oh crap I see those jokes coming.

Kal said...

No No No, those are practical. They PREVENT injury unlike these gloves that encourage frozen fingers by making one think that it's now safe to text about the late bus in sub zero temperatures.

Tempo said...

I have fingerless gloves for fishing...try tying a knot in line with gloves on.

Sarah said...

I got a great funny visual of some hapless chap getting stuck to the freezing cold lift chair while wearing his assless chaps.