Thursday, November 25, 2010

Made Me Laugh All Day - NSFW

Between first and second year college I worked as a scaffolder at a huge oil refinery just outside of my city. It was great to build these huge frames around the cooling towers and stand up and look over the whole countryside while the insulation got replaced.

I also learned that that construction workers are among the most colorful when it comes to their speech patterns.

I worked with one guy we called 'Randy the Rigger' who was very friendly but used the 'f' word for every second word when he spoke. He was not meant to be in mixed company because he just couldn't help releasing the 'f' bombs over and over again.

I would amuse him and the other workers and my fiends with my profane laden rants on numerous subjects done in his style. (Randy reviews the Oscars, Randy goes shopping for baby cloths, ect...)

I was thinking about that today when I saw this video of a girl telling the story of a guy who once asked her out on a date. It's NSFW but I laughed over it several times and even got a message from an old friend who also said it reminded him of the impressions I used to do.

Maybe I should figure out how to make short films with my web cam and regale you all with some old school 'Cave of Cool' comedy. I have thought that many of my '60 Second Stories' may be interesting to watch told that way. Just running a few ideas through my mind to make your experience in the 'Cave of Cool' a much better one in the new year.


Baby Sister said...

That sounds like it'd be entertaining to say the least. :)

Baby Sister said...

p.s. She's got an amazing accent!!

Kal said...

I wanted to know if she actually went out with him. I would have just for the material you would get alone. Plus there was always the chance for some bada bing bada boom if you know what I am sayin dere.

Wings1295 said...

Do them as animated shorts you narrate!

Pat Tillett said...

You should do it!
The video was pretty good...