Monday, November 29, 2010

The Walking Dead Conundrum

I am very excited for next week's season one finale of 'The Walking Dead' and I have been thinking all day about the TV show compared to the comic book. There has been shot for shot transfer of story from comic to TV, especially in the opening episodes, but this has happened less and less as the TV show progresses.

To be fair, Robert Kirkman, himself said that he has been fortunate to get another bite at the story apple because he can add elements that he never even considered before and that will naturally take the tale in entirely new directions.

The CDC (Centers For Disease Control) is in Atlanta and the comic, like the TV show, is set around that city. OF COURSE it makes sense for Rick to try to reach the scientists who might have the cure if they are so close. I would have had to call 'shenanigans' if they avoided the whole CDC idea entirely.

The comic talks little about a 'cure' preferring to focus instead on the day to day survival of the characters. I loved that last shot from episode five where the door was opened on a whole new set of problems for our intrepid survivors.

The genius of this story will always be about how one remains human in face of such inhumanity and despite the fact that the CDC looks like the solution to some problems, it will become the creation of a whole new set of challenges I am sure.

I for one want to know if anyone can be turned who gets bitten or are some immune to the process. Was it ONE person who started the plague or was it a wider outbreak that then got out of control? Does that matter? Maybe not. Why was Rick spared in his hospital room.

I was also really thankful that the rebirth of Amy as a zombie was handled not as a shock or 'cat knocking over a garbage can in the darkness' moment but as an almost loving gift from sister to sister. Like Glen said, "it's how we do things".


Sam G said...

Yup. I liked how they handled Amy turning into a zombie.
My only concern is the long lag time for season 2. They may have the same problem that happened to Walt on Lost. Rick's son is gonna grow like a weed. Will they re-cast?

Kal said...

Now, they will either deep freeze him or get him hooked on cigarettes so he stays short. Or deal with him in post production.

Sadako said...

Still haven't seen this one but you bring up some good points. I'm not really up on my zombie history/books/movies, but the more I read about this, the more I want to see Walking Dead.

Kal said...

The comic is terrific and you can read it without having to wait each month. I started after the first fifty issues were already out. Trust me. Get the first volume and clear yourself some time to really get into a great story. Like the comic, the TV show doesn't require you to know anything about zombies. It's more a story of survival. Character drives the tale and I dare you not to get into it.

Sadako said...

Thanks, Kal. I'll try to get into it soon--can't wait till the fall semester's over and I'll have free time for reading/watching non school stuff. :D

Kal said...

Well I wouldn't steer your wrong girl. Thanks for reading. I refound you and have been enjoying your stuff now as well.

csmith2884 said...

I want to know why they are so arms poor, and why they drive in a 30 year old motorhome? Tanks go 75 mph and have machine guns oh and armor. Mow down walkers like grass I say.
Military was everyplace before the fall and zombies don't shoot so every survivor should be loaded up on ammo.

Pat Tillett said...

I hate to see the season end and can't wait for for next season.

Kal said...

I agree with you CS. We should have had at least one scene with them finding a shitload of guns but no ammunition. As for the military, I assumed that they used up all their bullets before they were overwelmed by the sheer numbers of zombies.

Six episodes IS just torture, Pat. They tease us then leave us hanging. But that will build buzz and expectations that may result in a nice long run for all of us to enjoy. If this got made and made so well there is hope that other comic properties may get the green light and that is always a good thing.