Monday, November 15, 2010

Childhood Memories

Who didn't want to order this thing when they were a kid? We all believed that we would be sent an ACTUAL working submarine for under ten dollars. I was glad that I never ordered this cardboard rip-off in the mail. It may have broken my spirit.


Unknown said...

Yeah, these were always way cooler sounding than the real thing. A childhood friend of mine ordered the "remote controlled ghost". What he got was a white balloon with a ghost face imprinted on it. He was instructed to fill it with helium. The remote control device? You guessed it. A piece of string.

Booksteve said...

Saw a photo of the real sub you got somewhere online a few years back. Just a refrigerator box basically!

Blue aka "The Creeper" said...

I remember asking my dad if I could get it....then he pointed out the "truth" in advertising. The Horrors! How could they do that to a child? Build him up just to have his hopes and dreams of undersea exploration dashed away like that.
The rat bastards! I have never been the same, 44 long years of suspicion, disbelief and tears in learning the ways of the world.
I should sue! They stole my childhood!