Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ice Sculpture

For my next formal buffet dinner I will get me an ice sculpture like this. Maybe not Transformers but definately TALOS from 'Jason and the Argonauts'.

When I was a kid they had a Winter Carnival every February on the military base. Everyone would make a snow sculpture in their front yards. This was before the time when everyone was a sand or snow 'artiste' so you actually had a chance to win in either the kid or family catagories.

I wish we had all those great 'Calvin and Hobbes' snowmen for inspiration back then. I really did live in a much simpler and colder time. It was magical.


Pat Tillett said...

I'm with you, but it is pretty amazing what they do with ice now...

Kal said...

Using a chainsaw too. A swan isn't good enough anymore.