Monday, November 15, 2010

Recycled Ray Gun Of The Day

"Simply dubbed “Raygun,” this nice piece of work from Nathan Luoto is another would-be weapon of the future built out of found items. Already worked out what it was in its previous life? What if we were to say “cookie extruder” gun? The handle on the back is the giveaway — although it’s led some into thinking it was formerly a caulking gun. As for the scope — perfect for targeting those pesky aliens — well, that’s real, folks. This replica’s creator claims to have been inspired by the rayguns of Paul Loughridge, himself a luminary of the subculture."

1 comment:

Pat Tillett said...

pretty darn cool! It looks like a cross between a Lionel locomotive and a caulking gun....
I admire folks who are this creative!