Monday, November 29, 2010

I Am Changing My Name Again

I like the art of Phil Noto very much. I also think that calling myself JET SEVEN is about the coolest thing I could do. Unfortunately I love my first name to much. CALVIN SEVEN would be a cool code name if I was a spy or the 7th clone of a spy named Calvin. See, I just wrote the first year of that TV series in my head.


M. D. Jackson said...

Calvin Seven -- second cousin to Gary Seven? What about Jet Heighton?

Sam G said...

I wanna draw/paint like Phil Noto when I grow up.
Calvin Seven in Death to Cephalopods!

Kal said...

Calvin 7 is more catchy. And with each new clone the memories and experiences of all previous clones are downloaded into his/my brain. Season 2 - there you go.

You already are 90% of the way there Sam. I wish I had your gift. And you must admit that I am great inspiration for fiction - story of my life. (see what I did there)