Friday, February 11, 2011

Now THIS Is Cold

'Forget about plunking down thousands of dollars and putting your name on a yearlong waiting list -- to score New York's latest "it" bag, you're encouraged to eat the cow it comes from first.'


Belle said...

I don't even want to remember my steak came from a living thing, never mind have a purse from a cow I have eaten.

Kal said...

It would be worse if they carried the bag to the slaughterhouse where they worked to further mock the cows.

Nomad said...

Reminds me about the talking cow at Resturant athe end of the Universe from Hitchhickers guide to the galaxy. The cow was geneticaly engineered not only to talk (obviously). but also
"More strongly, it's a cow that wants to be eaten.

"let's meet the meat!"

"I'm the special. Try me with some rice!"

Unknown said...

Would not want to go there.