Monday, May 23, 2011

If Walt Was Still Around He Would Be Designing Me A Kick-Ass 'Cave Of Cool'

Say what you want about about the man's 'support' for the Reich, he had one HELL of an imagination. Every time I see the 'Rocketeer' I think of Hughes and Disney dreaming up all these wild superhero concepts and gadgets over brandy and cigars at the end of the day and ACTUALLY putting them into production. THAT's where my jetpack went - another lost promise of the fabulous future we were gonna have.

This cartoon makes some pretty wild predictions. I think my favorite were the color coded roads to get to the various cities. Didn't anyone think that they would run out of colors long before they ran out of cities?

And before anyone says it to me, 'burnt sienna' is BROWN. There are NOT 133 colors of crayons like the 'color Nazis' of the Crayola Corporation would have you believe. There are 12 colors just like there were when crayons were first created.

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Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Keep in mind EPCOT Center was originally designed to be the Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow for people to live in, and there would be no crime, no poverty, none of that because Walt said "we won't allow it."