Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Really Am Starting To Become 'Annoyed' With This Story As You Might Imagine

I'll will have more to say on this subject when I can actually put together something that is not just another of the disjointed stream of consciousness rants that I seem to only be capable of producing lately.

In my place read some wisdom from Tumblr from some young girls that understand how out of control this hate for Selena for simply being the girlfriend of the most popular teen boy in the WORLD has become.

It is also very much about the behaviors of the selfish, entitled, anonymous trolls with unmonitored access to the most powerful tool for good and evil the world has ever created - the Internet - who have chosen to use their perceived 'power' to destroy a young girl who they should admire for all her accomplishments and contributions to the world.

Instead they vilify her over some boy? They send her death treats?

The first lesson these children need to learn is that you don't get everything in life just because you want it. I also have no problem with using this situation as the example to teach that lesson.

Oh and to you parents out there. Take responsibility for what your children are doing on the computer. Educate yourself about the technology and make sure they know you are watching what they are watching and saying and sending out to a world that may use that information to HURT them sometime in a future that they can't foresee at the stage of life they are currently in. Don't you understand how unique and fragile and potentially magnificent these individuals you created ARE?

GAH! I am done for now.

You did it Beliebers, are you proud of yourselves? Well done! At the moment I’m not so happy to call myself a belieber. Selena has done nothing wrong to you guys, why should she take all this shit from you? She’s young and in love with our idol. Get over it. He is going to have many more girlfriends in the future. He will probably get married one day, what are you gonna do then? Make them get a divorce? He will probably want a kid too? Are you people gonna ruin his happiness? Does it really make you feel good sending hate to her? She started cutting because of the death threats and the hate. Some fans we are.

Do you think about Justin’s feelings? What do you think he thought when he saw the cuts on her arm? No wonder he never told us about his relationship. He knew we will probably ruin it for him and her. Before he was proud to have such great fans as us, what do you think he thinks now? The worse fans probably. Seriously guys, stop the hate and death threats.

Selena should win 75738375 medals for keeping a smile on her face with everything that is going through. If you dont like them together, don’t look at pictures and news about them. Just…stop sending her death threats and hate. Calling someone a ‘bitch’ because she is in love with him isnt very nice. Put yourself in her shoes and see how she fucking feels. Cutting is something major which you do because of things happening in your life, the reason for the cuts on her arm is us. Dont you see it? Justin is happy, be happy for him.

Just please stop with the hate and death threats. Even if its not a cut, this could happen.


DrGoat said...

This is so far outside of my sphere of interest, I don't know what to say.

Kal said...

It's the whole anonymous bullying from behind a computer monitor that bothers me the most. Even two of the younger generations most admired icons can't escapre from it. It's stupid and sad. I know I am a hypocrite because I bitch about things I hate all the time but at least I put my name with all the stupid things I can say so I have to defend my thought and actions if someone wants to take issue with me.

Belle said...

Hate is a terrible emotion; it destroys people.

Joe Ackerman said...

we all bitch. ain't nothing wrong with bitching. and, yeah, I've over-stepped the mark every now and then ( usually, for comic effect ). but, like yourself, I'll own up to and stand by what I say. and I don't do hate.