Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tin Tin


Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Steven Speilberg presents the Least Interesting Trailer Ever!

I'm serious. Nothing about this trailer gets my blood pumping at all. A flashlight beam scans a room I'M HYPED!!! We see a model ship which is the voice over treats this as significant, but I don't see what's so great about it. We see a plane crash and a car speed away but they just look like vehicles. I don't know who or anyone is in them, so why should I care what they're doing or where they're going?

We don't even see the title character up until the very end, and only briefly, and even then I don't know anything about him.

I think I hate the poster most of all. It shows TinTin and his dog as Shadow/Silohettes. I don't read TinTin comics, so if you want me to care about TinTin then show me TinTin so that I can remember what he looks like and maybe even help identify him in a lineup!

Take a look at that poster for the new Muppet Movie that just came out. The Muppets are a part of pop culture and public consciousness, they could have easily just had a closeup of Kermit's neck take up the entire poster and slap a date on the bottom , but no that showed up a full shot of our main characters without a single shadow or silhouette. Right out of the gate they let us know that what you see is what you get. And when a poster like that is parked next a poster with a big Number 5 on it, which is a sequel to I don't even know what, it makes all the difference.

Less is only more when you actually have more! And if I'm going to pay to see a movie, I want the promise of more!

M. D. Jackson said...

I used to love TINTIN comics when I was a kid so the trailer did have some excitement for me. I wanted to see what the characters looked like so showing less was tantalizing for me.

I suppose this trailer would be most effective in France where Tintin is more of a cultural touchstone for viewers.

Dan said...

I hyped! TIn Tin is great!

Anonymous said...

Totally not on topic Cal, but just thought you might like to know that Otafest is on this weekend at Calgary's U of C. Its an anime-themed festival with plenty of cosplay, movie rooms showing anime in Japanese audio (often with unofficial subtitling), and other anime-related activities.
The website is here:

Anonymous said...

On topic though, I'm geeking out about the Tintin movie. I read every single Tintin adventure when I was a kid, and would buy the library discard copies. I still have some of them.
Last year at CCEE a guy was selling a rare collectible 12" die-cast model of the rocket from Destination Moon. I wanted it bad but it was 700 bucks.

Nick Ward said...

I'm a huge Tintin fan!

Cal I have a great story about the filming of Tintin. One of my friends was working in the art department on the production. She knew that I was a avid collector of film props. So she asked me if she could borrow one of my prized possessions so they could scan it and put it in the movie. My prop will turn up on Tintin's desk in his study. A momento from his adventures. Only it's not from one of his adventures - it belongs in a museum. I don't want to spoil the surprise but when the movie is released keep your eyes peeled.