Thursday, May 26, 2011

Did The 'Rapture' Really Happen To Me?

Because baby, I think I have just gone to heaven.

'Toy Haven' the blog for the most amazing action figure collection on this planet just posted information about this new figure. It would be the crown jewel in my collection and I like to think I have a pretty impressive collection already.

You don't know how much I want this ONE figure to open from it's box just to smell that one of a kind 'action figure' smell. You toy geeks out there know exactly what I am talking about.

I am surrounded my toys in the nerve center here at 'Cave of Cool Inc.' but strangely I have NO figures on my computer desk. Maybe I have been waiting for that ONE special figure to take that place of honor.

After the toy makers messed up the 'Resident Evil' Alice figure a few years ago by neglecting to put any effort in giving her a face that even remotely resembled Milla's from the first movie (especially with the photo-realistic computer modelling programs they have to work with these days - there is no excuse for not having these high priced and high quality figures being virtually life-like) I had given up hope to have my beloved Alice.

I don't even mind that this costume is from the most recent movie in the series (which are all GREAT and if you don't think so please be kind and keep that opinion to yourself around me - can't I just love something for all the wrong reasons for once?

It's got everything I love. Evil corporation brings about the end of civilization while playing fast and loose with genetics and then get their asses repeatedly handed to them by their greatest creation. Poetic justice? It's perfect.

Milla is ten times the action hero that any male actor who lays claim to that title (though | would love to see her and Jason Statham do something together. It would be fantastic.)

Let's see Stallone pull off that zombie dog 'off the wall kick to the head' in that red dress with those great boots. That look on her face when she realized what she just did on instinct is one of those classic movie moments for me - the one where you sink in your theatre seat and get really comfortable because you aren't going anywhere for the next two hours.


Budd said...

the coat is a cool accessorie, don't get me wrong, but would anyone ever put it on her?

M. D. Jackson said...

I love the action figure (and it's fully posable!) but I could never get it. She would constantly be the "other woman" and it would ruin my marriage.

Belle said...

They have made a beautiful and realistic face on the doll. My husband loves these movies and her character. I wonder if he would want one?

Kal said...

No, I don't think so Belle.

Budd said...

I looked up the price on this thing. Holy Crap!

Kal said...

Tell me Budd. I couldn't temp myself like that quite yet.