Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Now Live: The Tumblr Spotlight

We’re always amazed by the breadth and creativity we find on Tumblr, and we’re always looking for better ways for you to showcase your talents and other interesting blogs. With the new Spotlight, we’ve set aside a special place to highlight a few of these blogs that truly inspire us.


Thanks, Tumblr. I’ll try not to suck.

If you don't believe me just look at all the expressed unhappiness with the world and especially how down everyone is on Tumblr today. I swear Barack Obama is the only guy with a smile on his face. But that was because he is a skinny guy and that pint of Guinness in Ireland made him LOOPY.


Pearl said...

How cool, Cal!!


DEZMOND said...

I believe the third pic shows not a cat but a gremlin! An angry gremlin!

Belle said...

I don't know what tumblr is but I will look it up. I'll try to find you. Congrats!

Joe Ackerman said...

that third one's brilliant.

Kal said...

I have to confess something that I didn't make clear while being gloomy with this post. I AM NOT the person who has a top 100 movie blog. I do brilliant reviews but THE MAN refuses to meet me half way and make movies I like. Like the one where the Olsen Twins are repeatedly cloned so they can be again killed in creative and fun ways for a mass pay per view audience. It's that awesome DEATH RACE concept that I loved so much when the remake with Jason Statham and it's sequel with no name actors and a direct to DVD release that is actually BETTER than the two versions that came before it. You get a really cool backstory to the whole 'Frankenstein Identity'. Also the girl and the lead actor have some serious awesome chemistry between them.

I loved it. You can see the trailer for it here -

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Photo # 2 -- my cat has given me that look of disdainful contempt many, many times.