Saturday, May 28, 2011

I Like His Management Style

Just finished catching 'The Road Warrior' on the satellite. One hell of a chase movie with the character who REALLY took all the disadvantages that life dealt out to him and became the perfect CEO for the Apocalypse.

THE HUMUNGUS is easy to work for. You just do what he says, when he says it, in the way he says it and he won't be forced to reluctantly choke you out. I love a boss whose mind I don't have to try and read all the damn time.

Plus, he is such a dynamic speaker.


Lazarus Lupin said...

I think I'd rather work for M. Bison ala Raul Julia.


Lazarus Lupin
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Unknown said...

Top 10 boss hands down. : )

M. D. Jackson said...

A very effective boss, true but not as nice to look at as the boss in the next Mad Max film, Beyond Thunderdome.

It's just a shame they didn't let her sing!