Thursday, March 26, 2009

Time Machine

After seeing my 1908 Barcelona film I need to repower my time machine and return to a time when afternoon lunches lasted 5 fives hours with wine and the freshest breads, olives and the best meats and cheeses every meal. Speaking of which here are some great posters and models from my second favorite movie as a child after the Golden Voyage of Sinbad (which I have written about before on this blog). Of couse that movie is the George Pal version of THE TIME MACHINE from the book by H.G. Wells. Starring Rod Tayor and with the coolest most speampunk time machine ever (created by genius Harry Harryhaussen)it was all a ten year old boy ever needed or wanted for Christmas. If only to go back whenever I felt like I needed to walk in the snow with Tara Crandal and pick us some great Mego Star Trek and Superhero figures.

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