Monday, March 30, 2009

NickleCRAP Is More Like IT

When a no-talent group like Nickelback can sell so many CDs and win a load of Canadian Music awards (the Junos) then I no longer have faith in the future of Canadian Music. We have such unique talents and all the attention goes to this group that is less than a garage band and who produce the least melodic and worst written crap that is an embarrassment to anyone who truly loves music. I defy anyone to listen to any one of their songs and be able to sing along too it (or want to). They take the fun out of even that. When I can rewrite your songs in my head when I am too slow to hit the scan button on the radio then you know its time for them to pull a Buddy Holly - if you catch my meaning which they probably don't because it doesn't seem like they have any knowledge of what makes a song or a group great. Nonsensical, tuneless and repetitive and that is being generous. They embarrass us all and if we could deport them I personally would drive them across the border or a nearby cliff. Thank YOU Junos for keeping this train wreck on life support for awhile longer and for making Celine Dion the one we can be proud of. Apologies world.

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