Saturday, March 28, 2009

HUGO's Mission Impossible

Toy Robot was asking this week what was the one toy that you never got as a kid but desperately wanted. For me it begins and ends with HUGO THE MAN OF A THOUSAND FACES which was the least creepy ventriloquist doll that came with all kinds of accessories that allowed you to create many creepier faces. The thing I loved the most about Halloween was that I could get all those fake noses and teeth and scars and stitches for next to nothing during the week after when the corner store was trying to get rid of that stuff. I was all about the disquises not realizing of course that I needed to blend in if I wanted to be a man of a thousand faces, not stand out. One of my favorite comics and short run TV shows was the HUMAN TARGET where actor Christopher Chance would impersonate people who were targetted for death and put himself into the line of fire. Nothing solves a murder for hire than trying to kill the wrong guy. He lived on this plane where high tech gear gave him flawless copies of his client and by studying them he was indistiquishable from them. Mission Impossible the TV series and the movies did that very well also. So for someone who aspired to be the great imposter Hugo was all that.


Wings1295 said...

Never heard or saw this Hugo thing before, but I would have been creeped out by it. Ventriloquist dummies always seemed a little to lifelike for my own peace of mind.

Ben Varkentine said...

I remember this well. The disguises were also supposed to work for you (a human kid) but in my experience the little pieces of plastic and such never stayed on..