Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monster Commute

This is the best concept I have seen in a long time. You got a robot with a floating head (Chadworth Machine) and a devil (Bestio Wand) driving an ice cream truck in the long commute in Hell. Created by Daniel Davis its based on his own hell commuting for three hours in the hot Arizona heat. That is a recipe for comedy gold folks. The scene doesn't change much but the conversation is often the kind of talk you have with your friends or co-workers while trapped on a long commute. I also like the way the artist/creator gives his own commentary afterwards where he discusses the source of the day's strip and they more than often come from his own life experiences. I enjoy that technique which comes from the school of thought that says "write what you know". Oh and the two bickering furnace goblins (Horst and Grist) that shovel the coal that fuel their vehicle are pretty sweet too. Proof that having a vision and believing in it are all you need to create some really neat stuff. Keep it simple stupid. I found these different representation of our 'heroes' on Super Punch which is a great source for all things geek.


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