Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Own James Bond Spy Car..EEEEEEEEE!

Squeeling like a little girl for this.

Spy fantasists can now buy their very own James Bond car, complete with hood-mounted machine gun cannons and rocket launchers secreted by the front grille, for just $125,900 U.S. -- and it's even street legal. "The weaponry is fake, of course, so it doesn't work but it looks realistic," says Cloverdale businessman Mark Stuzka, who has teamed up with Exclusive Motor Cars to produce the Ultimate Spy Car. "Neither can it be operated when the ignition is switched on, as the last thing we want is people ahead being frightened to death at the sight of a cannon in their rear-view mirror." The revolving licence plate also won't flip while driving, so don't think you can beat that speeding ticket by displaying a phoney number! Stuzka will display the custom supercar, inspired by the Aston Martin featured in the James Bond movie Die Another Day, at the Vancouver International Auto Show this week, and will be taking orders. "We plan to produce just 200 in the next four years so they will keep their value as a collectable car," he says. "In the first three months, we have already sold 20 per cent of the production run. "We are getting calls from all over the world, including Belgium where a man there has changed his name legally to James Bond. "Stuzka said he came up with the idea when he and friends were thinking of building supercars for people who don't have a million dollars. "It just seemed like a great idea and we soon realized there was a great opportunity here to fulfil some people's spy fantasies," he says. The Ultimate Spy Car is hand-built and sits on a Ford Mustang chassis with an extended wheelbase. Under the hood is a supercharged Ford V8 engine that delivers power Bond would be happy with during an escape or pursuit. "The beauty of this car is it can be serviced at your local Ford dealership and it uses parts widely available," adds Stuzka. You can choose either manual or automatic transmission and pick your own exterior and interior colours. Then, when it is delivered, retrieve the complimentary bottle of Dom Perignon and two glasses from the glove box and toast your new life of adventure.

For more details, go to www.exclusivemotorcars.ca/spypackage.html.

Exclusive Spy Package from Exclusivemotorcars on Vimeo.

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