Sunday, March 29, 2009

Moon Madness

This is perhaps the strangest/silliest horror tale DC ever put out and I have seen some bizarre stories in those great monster comics of the Silver Age. But I guess when you have to churn out the work to keep titles such as House of Secrets, Witching Hour, Weird War and House of Mystery in publication that sometimes some real crap is gonna sneak through. Its always nice when you get hit by a piece of the moon while chasing butterflies (a one in a million piece of bad luck) that you keep your tattered Hulk pants because if there is something I hate its roaming the countryside with my moon head and my moon wiener flappin in the wind. I love the way the natives deduce that he is the Moon God just because his head is shaped like the Moon. Brilliant Captain Obvious! The entire tale can be found here -


Wings1295 said...

I surprised Morrison or someone hasn't tried to get this dude into continuity somehow!

Reminds me of the Pumpkinhead dude from the "Return to Oz" sequel.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Usually the pumpkin headed guys freak me out. There is a super team for us...the League of Planet Heads