Monday, March 23, 2009

The Phantom Comes To TV

Just when a Monday seems unredeemable comes word from Syfy that they are going to put into production a new Phantom miniseries. The character is very popular around the world especially in Australia where a comic has been in production for decades and is in the 800s I believe. I just hope that they don't veer too far away from the origin, settings and especially the costume. Sure he is a guy in stripped purple underwear but it works for me. I have visions of somthing in the same vein as Zena or the Adventures of Hercules or Crusoe. I hope they film the series in New Zealand so they can take advantage of the variety of scenery that that country offers. And the time frame should be the 1800s or the turn of the century so they can avoid alot of the modern trappings and make it a true jungle adventure where overcoming the terrain is also part of the adventure. Also if they hired the same guys who created Crusoe's treehouse they could make a very cool Skull Cave complete with secret passages and traps galore.

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