Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bond Villian Hideout - The Cactus Dome

Sure its not Dr. Evil's Volcano Lair but this would be a wicked look for any Bond villian. You gotta be stylin if you are hoping to take over the world. Its all about the bling and the crib bitches. And if Bond starts making trouble you can always blast into space.

"Beneath this concrete dome on Runit Island (part of Enewetak Atoll), built between 1977 and 1980 at a cost of about $239 million, lie 111,000 cubic yards (84,927 cubic meters) or radioactive soil and debris from Bikini and Rongelap atolls. The dome covers the 30-foot (9 meter) deep, 350-foot (107 meter) wide crated created by the May 5, 1958, Cactus test. Note the people atop the dome."

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