Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Yggyssey

This looks like an awesome children's book and I love the way the main character bitches out the ghosts messing up her room - that is chutzpa and sums up my feelings about ghosts..."ooooooo you are see through and push books off my shelf." It wasn't until 13 Ghosts that they made them truly horrifying. But still they remind me of Charlie Brown's Halloween costume - the famous potatoe ghost. The Yggyssey is my new favorite bastardization of the word oddysey.

When I got home from school, my room was full of ghosts..._again!_ They were being invisible, but I could feel the cold spots in the air.
"Did I speak to you ectoplasms about this, or did I not?" I asked the empty room.

Silence. The ghosts were dummying up.

"Rudolph Valentino! I can smell your lousy cigar!"

There was a faint smell of cigar smoke, the trademark of the ghostly Valentino, so I knew he was among them. And my bedspread was rumpled. Probably they were sitting on my bed, playing cards.

"Look, you spectres--this is a young girl's bedroom, not a club! Why do you have to hang out here all the time? You have an eight-story hotel to haunt. There's a complete apartment reserved for your personal use. Why don't you stay there? It's the nicest one in the whole building."

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