Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cool Comic Cover Of The Week

This is a wicked cool cover but as I read further I realized its for a comic that is not even out yet and may never be. Thanks for the tease guys. I love those old pulp heroes that were on old time radio like Doc Savage and the Shadow. Captain Midnight has that Rocketeer and Sky Captain look. I am especially fond of that clock icon on his uniform. Neat!

"This week's cover – and it's going up very late, sorry – is a bit different, as it's not yet a comic book. You may remember some time back (almost two years ago), I mentioned that I was working on a revival of the old radio/serial/comic book/TV aviator hero Captain Midnight for Moonstone Books. Well, artist Richard Clark and I are finally getting it together.

This is our proposed cover for the Captain Midnight "Zero Issue." The painting is by Rich, and the logo and trade dress are my work. You're seeing it pretty much the same time that the publisher is. Enjoy."

from Christopher Mills at Atomic Pulp and Other Meltdowns

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