Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Sorcerer Supreme??

Starting in Avengers 51 it looks like we will be getting a new Sorcerer Supreme because of the old ones sense of failure during the recent Planet Hulk crisis. Why do we need to change something that isn't broke to begin with? Stephen Strange was always a character who had to overcome his own failings and shortcoming to do what was right and this seems like a perfect time to have him claw his way back up from the depths of his despair. His look is one of the best visuals in comics and he was the first action figure I bought years ago (from the Spider-Man series of all things) that restarted my love of action figures so he has a special place in my heart. Most redoes are not successful and eventually they go back to the original anyways so I say to Marvel - Don't waste my time please. But since the goofs at Marvel are determined to make a change so tell me who you would like to see wield the Eye of Agamotto - if I had to choose I think Doom is the best, most interesting choice. He may be forced then to do what is best for our plane of reality rather than for himself. If they give it to Clea who has been the worst hanger-on any series ever had then I will be choked. It amazing how much we seem to care about these fictional characters we have invested so much of our time in.

By Jim Beard

"Sorcerer Supreme needed"—it's not your typical Help Wanted listing. But the Earth's in dire need of a new major mage and Doctor Strange's no longer up for the task. What can you do?

The call for mystics goes out in NEW AVENGERS #51 by Brian Michael Bendis and Billy Tan, hitting the racks on March 25, and the candidates rank among magic's most visible and viable practitioners; but only one will be named Sorcerer Supreme.

No need to cower in ignorance—or fear—of the players, True Believers! We crunched the numbers and did the math for you; now prepare for our prognostication…

The son of the wily yet deceased Doctor Druid, this young mage recently proved his mettle as one of Nick Fury's new Commandos during the Secret Invasion.

PRO – If he possesses half the power of his most-capable father, Druid's already a step above most magicians.

CON – He's young and little's known of his true powers—plus druidic lore doesn't exactly move you to the head of the conjuring class.

ODDS – 250-1

Everyone's favorite demonic gangster, this ne'er-do-well stole a mystical cloak and boots and used them to set himself up as the new Kingpin of crime.

PRO – He's a man who knows what he wants and usually gets what he sets his baneful eye upon.

CON – Using ill-gotten magical items doesn't exactly translate into Sorcerer Supreme material, especially when their use may be slowly killing the Hood.

ODDS – 200-1

One truly scary dude, this terrifying Spirit of Vengeance rides his hellish motorcycle on a quest to right wrongs and scare the hell into evil-doers.

PRO – Armed with mystical might and the "Penance Stare," there's few situations Ghost Rider can't conquer.

CON – Most of his repertoire consists of magical items, making him less of a magic-user and more of a tool to be used by others.

ODDS – 150-1

A force to be reckoned with, this ruler of the Dark Dimension wields power beyond imagination and evil beyond compare.

PRO – Composed of mystical energy, Dormammu has long coveted Earth's dimension and the subservience and worship of its denizens.

CON – He's a creature of the Dark Dimension and not at his full potential when on Earth, if he can even manage to break through.

ODDS – 100-1

The Master of the Loa and Houngan Supreme, this learned hero has carved out a spot for himself in the hierarchy of occult experts and powerful shamans.

PRO – Imbued with great knowledge and terrifying secrets, Brother Voodoo knows the keeping and fostering of great power and the mystic arts.

CON – Traditionally, his background has been limited to voodoo and its disciplines, not the wider world of magic and its many forms.

ODDS – 75-1

A young woman endowed with strange abilities, this New Mutant has traveled through otherworldly realms most could never imagine.

PRO – Already the ruler of Limbo, Magik's got a leg up on what it means to hold such a title, and cast both white and black magic.

CON – Often erratic and more than just a bit demonic, her power's limited while on Earth.

ODDS – 60-1

The Ruler of Latveria and sworn foe of the Fantastic Four, this armor-wearing megalomaniac's the very definition of majestic might.

PRO – Son of a gypsy witch and scion of a mystic heritage, Doom's witnessed weirdness that'd turn your hair white.

CON – While versed in the wielding of magic, he's concentrated a bit too much on mastering technology in lieu of ordering the occult.

ODDS – 50-1

Possessed of vast reality-warping abilities, this mutant hex-slinger's made her mark as an Avenger and as a masterful opponent.

PRO – Her mutant talents backed up by mystic tutelage and lore, the Scarlet Witch's beautiful appearance hides devastating consequences for her enemies.

CON – Prone to mental breakdowns—and can her power be accepted as true sorcery?

ODDS – 25-1

A student of the Ancient One, this powerfully dark mage stands as Doctor Strange's opposite number in the annals of sorcery on Earth.

PRO – Steeped in as much mystical knowledge as Strange, Mordo's thirst for even more such teachings remains unparallel.

CON – Greedy and selfish, his passions often prove to be his undoing.

ODDS – 10-1

Once student and lover of Doctor Strange, this lovely lady rose to oppose the dread Dormammu and became the Sorcerer Supreme of the Dark Dimension.

PRO – The daughter of the powerful Umar, Clea's toiled to equal and perhaps even exceed her teacher, Stephen Strange.

CON – Though practically the perfect candidate for the job, one might wonder exactly where her loyalties lie…

ODDS – 5-1

The real story of the struggle to be Earth's Sorcerer Supreme begins this March 25 in NEW AVENGERS #51, under the auspices of Brian Michael Bendis and Billy Tan! And check out the first appearance of Doctor Strange on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited!"

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