Monday, March 30, 2009

Monsters Vs Aliens

This is an example of when NOT to listen to critics and just follow my inner geek. Just saw Aliens and Monsters and it was as wicked cool as I imagined it would be. The sequence where the President has to go through all the steps to just make contact with the alien invasion machine is priceless fanboy joy. You go Steven Colbert (though we all know that Barack would have bitched slapped that alien probe all the way back to Alpha Centauri - told you before - HE GOT THIS BITCHES!) That Beverly Hills Cop theme was eventually gonna be the death of all of us anyways. And who can deny Insectasaurus his Oscar next year? That kids gots moxie I tells ya. But I got a fear that he will be typecast limiting his romantic leading man options. The theatre I saw it in was packed with kids and they laughed at all the same things their parents did. The sight gags are very funny and come at a quick pace. Just the kind of movie I would create. Now I am waiting for the TV series beacause I could watch the cgi and chacters everyday. The voice work was excellent and the characters are interesting especially Susan who though clearly out of her element is brave, spunky and resourceful and way too good for Derek - the loser. Link's got some issues too - just like any male who doesn't like to be shown up by a female and tries way too hard. Its those touches that make this a new favorite for me. I think for my repeat viewing that I am gonna see it in 3D as it was intended to be seen.


Wings1295 said...

We are planning to see this with the kiddies this weekend. Glad to hear you enjoyed it! Looks fun!

Michael May said...

I've seen it twice now. Love it!