Tuesday, March 31, 2009

An Empress and the Warriors

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a mad love for historical Chinese epic films like 'Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon', 'House of Flying Daggers', 'Hero', and 'Curse of the Golden Flower'. They have a different style of storytelling than western films and the historical realism and fight choreography are second to none. No wonder the makers of the 'Matrix' sought out many of the same geniuses to create their unforgettable combat scenes. The latest one I enjoyed is called 'An Empress and the Warriors' and once again takes place in distance Chinese history and is full of royal intrigue, beautiful cinematography, stirring music and those quiet moments that allow you to rest from all the stunning battlefield eye candy. It takes place during a time when the state of Yan is under constant warring with the state of Zhao. Evil men try to keep a young princess from taking her rightful place as Empress after her father dies and it falls on her childhood friend to train her as a warrior so that she can lead her father's troops into battle. Of course her evil cousin has no plans of letting the crown slip from his fingers so he sends his assassins to murder her before her coronation. However, she is rescued by a forest hermit/doctor who of course she falls in love with. His forest home reminds me of the great tree top fort from the Crusoe TV show. Despite the quiet moments and the charming love story there is always room for some kick ass battles and retribution at the end. I am a sucker for that combination. How do you love anyone else when you have loved a princess? Like General Martok said on the Road to Kalhya, "We are not afforded the luxury of choosing the women we fall in love with." So true. So check out this film if you don't mind subtitles and are looking for something epic and different.

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