Sunday, March 29, 2009

Women Go Crazy For A Sharped Dressed Dinosaur

Its the well dressed dinosaur gigalos taking all the victorian women away from us and that, I think, bother me the most. Them with their lizardly charm, rich musky scent and their fancy boy capes. How can I even compete? And I am an awesome conversationalist and a much better dancer. Loch Nestor there had all the advantages and we know the culture is set up to keep a white brother from getting a little 'somethin somethin' if you know what I mean.

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CarlosInformática said...

Hola! El Gato te re-trucó!! (The Gato tricked you!) There is something that I ain't seen so long time ago! (Is understandable my english??) ¿De dónde obtuviste esa foto? (Where you got that picture) ¿De qué película? (wich movie?) Es que sólo yo no puedo recordar (I just can't remember from...) Para nada (at all) Decímelo que me muero de intriga. (Please, tell me! I'm dying for knowing that) Creo que tiene la llave para seguir mi vida adelante! (I think this is the key of the life)
Thanks, my name is Carlos (pero podés llamarme Charles, Charly or Chuck) and my email address is
If you can't contact me then The Gato will come to you and he will apply you the "doble gran" paw!