Thursday, December 30, 2010

50 Favorite Fictional Characters

These interesting posters depict favorite fictional characters. Here are some of mine from the tumble. No particular order given. You can find some by going to this tumblr but you have to go to the archive and search for them. I wish they were all in one place.


Anonymous said...

MIlla Jovovich is about 3 favourite fictional characters on her own.

Kal said...

Resident Evil, Ultraviolet, Fifth Element,

Sarah said...

Hear hear!

I think I fell in love with Milla when she was Leeloo. I know I was obsessed with getting orange hair just like hers.

That movie is my favorite--no matter how many times I see it, I can't resist watching it when I see it on TV.

Corbin Dallas and Leeloo are the cutest couple in the history of the universe.

My other favorite fictional character from movies is the Grammaton Cleric played by Christian Bale from the movie Equilibrium. That's another of my all-time favs.

Kal said...

I have loved Milla since Joan of Arc. Big fan of 'Resident Evil'. When she kicked those zombie dogs with that dress and those boots that sealed it for me right then and there.

I once left the highway to go back about 25 minutes of driving time on a trip because me and the person I was with couldn't remember the name 'Fifth Element' when talking about movies. It was like our brains were vapor locked I got so frustrated that I turned the car around and went to a video store in the last town and asked the kid working behind the counter the details of the movie. I felt all the fuses short out in my head when he told me it was 'Fifth Element'.

All Leelo has to say to Corbin is 'multipass' and that was it. He was done.

Chris Tucker is also great with his use of 'Corbin? Corbin my man? Corbin?' whenever he is really scared and nervous.

That movie had everything you wanted plus so many fresh elements.

You know Sarah, you can STILL get that orange hair you know.

Equilibrium is a lost gem. It's on par with the Matrix for me. That gun kata was too cool. Christian was perfect for such an role too.

Sarah said...

I like that the Fifth element is a little bit tongue-in-cheek and corny but still has a great story behind it. The actors chosen were perfect for the roles, every last one of them.

I COULD still do the orange hair thing but it would ruin my disguise--I play mild-mannered corporate monkey during the day, and a wild-child geek girl otherwise. Probably why I love Halloween and geeker conventions so much--they allow me to satisfy my crave for cosplay and outrageousness.

Kal said...

I like that. I would like to hear more sometime. Dely the beginning of adulthood as long as posible works for me.

Which cosplay characters?