Friday, December 31, 2010

Um, Yeh, You Know That Rant I Just Went On? Well It Seems...

I may have jumped the gun there. Yeh. So. Yeh.

I was a teacher for nearly 20 years. In all those years there was without fail a kid in my class who I knew was going to die an early self-induced stress related death.

He was the kind of kid who would jump to conclusions too fast or freak out because he had lost an assignment he worked really hard on only to find out that he had already turned it in.

Or he would say 'My book doesn't have a page 42, what do I do now?" I would answer, "Check between pages 41 and 43 and by some miracle of the heaven the page would be right where I said it was.

I became that kid tonight.

There I was messing around with my stupid spam file on hotmail (which tonight has been the source of so many woes that you would think they were working a contract for the stinkin' bulbheads) because I found comments there that were fresh ones that I had never read. How many other comments did I miss that were made but didn't show up on Blogger?

To be organized I deleted as I went for the first 4 pages. There are 25 comments on each page. My edit posts file shows 100 posts per page. Are you doing the math in your head.

Well if not let me clear it up for you. If I had ONLY gone to the NEXT page showing my post list I would have seen that the comments were just fine I lost NOTHING except stuff from recently. Sure some gems are gone but the Royal Crown is still nice to look at.

So what have we learned?

1) Don't mess with stuff that were working fine until your monkey brain got to it.

2) Don't freak out until you have all the facts - then go full retard if appropriate.

3) Be patient, because everything that just went to crap a second ago can turn to glory the very next second. Have faith that you are not a total fuck-up at times.

4) Don't declare to the cat in a large booming voice, "YOU ARE BANISHED" when you hear him snickering as he watches the screen over your shoulder. All he will say is, "Like you banished those comments, dumbass?"

I can almost feel the wires in my brain reconnecting and I hear a voice in my head telling tiny little workmen that the stroke has been delayed and they can take the rest of the week off with pay once they fix the damaged circuitry.

Oh and to add to the celebration, Becca emailed me both of these so that I could save them properly. I can now proudly show them off to you. If you get the chance tell Becca ( what you think because artists love to know how people react to their work. I think these are pretty awesome myself.

One more thing. My download of 'The Monster Walks' which was described to me as "People in an old dark house on a stormy night are menaced by a killer ape" just finished downloading. Life is SWEET!

SIDE NOTE - I send the package containing the framed picture of my niece and nephew to them in September and only NEXT FREAKIN' WEEK will it reach them in Cairns, Australia. Yes, we did land a man on the Moon if you are asking that question. GAH!


Paladin said...

Blogger is a harsh Mistress.. and a tricky one, too.

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Kal said...

I KNOW...shut up.

Anonymous said...

That list should be my New Year's resolution!

Kal said...

Feel free to steal it.