Friday, December 31, 2010

It's Only Ever Really About The Queen Of The Redheads

This is the first time I have done this but my response to a comment prompted an answer from me that should accompany this post on the main page. For all that she has done or is known for, the greatest thing I got to discover about her this year was that she was in TWO 'Firefly' episodes. How different the world would have been if that show hadn't got cancelled the way it did. If you look at the success of 'Castle' and 'Mad Men' you know what I mean.

A lot of 'Mad Men's' initial push for viewership and recognition had to do with guys sitting with their girl and coming back each week to see Christina but also telling other guys that it's not only a good show, but you can ooogle a totally gorgeous substantial woman is the most rockin' red dress ever worn while still sharing quality time with your girl.

"It's because she knows herself. She gets that she as Monroe-esque sex symbol for her times and takes it all in stride. She is funny and good humored about the whole thing. Even women like her because she is not afraid to have curves.

I hope every woman takes Christina's opinions about herself and her body to heart. She is a great role model for every young girl who wants to resist what popular culture SAYS she must look like to be loved or admired in society.

In every interview I have ever seen or read about her she is fun and she loves men. For that she has my eternal respect and protection."

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