Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Almighty Thor

The trend in movie making lately is for smaller studios to make copy cat movies to steal away some of the focus on major blockbusters and to trick people into believing that their direct to DVD features are just as good as the theatrical releases.

That is pure cynical Hollywood thinking at it's finest. Dez over at Hollywood Spy did a post today about another example of what I am talking about (just add him to your blog role already people).

'The Almighty Thor' looks to be just about the lamest thing I have ever seen. That costume is generating a serious 'don't sue us please Marvel' vibe.

The hammer is stupid and the costume looks like something a frat boy would rent for Halloween. Did you guys forget that Thor is a GOD and so can probably afford more than scraps off the fabric table and a pet blanket to create his outfit. And that chest plate? Oh Vey! Even a plastic sword would go through that. My bbq paper plates give more protection. I can do this ALL day people. And that is just from ONE picture.

I would go on a rant about 'effort' here but it's enough satisfaction for me to know that somewhere, sometime, the people making this movie will have to look their family or friends or future employers in the eye and admit that they were responsible for making this.

So let it be written - so let it be DONE.


DEZMOND said...

don't forget that these are just set pics! I know the film will probably be cheep, but I'm seriously watching it .... I just have a deal with Cody Deal ;) Did you know that he also auditioned for SPARTACUS BLOOD AND SAND?

Kal said...

REALLY? Was he just too modern looking for that show? 'Blood and Sands' was terrific. I hope the new series will be just as good since the same guys making it did Spartcus. I would have liked to see another whole year of stories about the slave rebellion that Spartacus led but I suspect that the actor who played him's cancer made the producers go in the new direction that they did. The image of Spartacu on the cross outside the gates of Rome would have been emotionally epic.

DEZMOND said...

Well he was apparently great at the audition and even managed to amaze the producers, but I think he doesn't have that refined, gentlemanly vibe which Andy Whitfield had, although Deal is also a stunningly gorgeous man.
I think that the second season of BLOOD AND SAND with the rebellion and everything will happen but it all depends on the success of the prequel GODS OF THE ARENA which stars in less than a month.