Wednesday, December 29, 2010

You Got A Spoonful Of Snow. How Adorable

Okay, I concede that storms like do not happen all that often in New York so my much loved American brothers and sisters could be forgiven for thinking that it is the end of the world. But good lawd people. The reaction to the snow and all the disruption it caused in people's lives, however, is insane.

Europe got blasted too but even the French took it in stride.

It's SNOW and not even and above average amount. Get yourself some mittens and deal with it. Stay indoors. Don't go to work and make some babies so that nine months from now the media has some other stupid story to chase - 'All These Snow Babies - Bin Laden Secret Weather Machine Creates Thousands Of Home Grown Recruits For Jihad"

This clip has crappy audio but I agree with the 'Daily What' that the scene is something out of an end of the world disaster movie scenario. Greatest city in the world is New York. Show me some of the legendary grit which you have in spades and help each other out. If you want to whine, you might as well be living in New Jersey.

The Great Blizzard of the Year of Our Lord 2010 has given form to many post-apocalyptic “after” images — most notably Brian Elmquist’s Roland Emmerich-esque snapshot of Coney Island Ave in Brooklyn.

YouTuber unbreakable678 visited the same street shortly after the all-clear was sounded, and captured a scene not unlike the very end of the world.


csmith2884 said...

It matters what part of New York, up here in the woods, that is a dusting of snow. And as to the French taking it in stride. Where do they have to be anyhow? Stock up on cigarettes and croissant and they should be happy. Wait did I use French and happy in the same sentence?

Gemma said...

mwahahahaha it's not just us Brits that are whinging about the snow now/ our inability to cope with it.

MWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA (second, louder evil laugh was much needed)

Kal said...

I don't know why all you countries don't have Canadian strike teams at the ready to bring you Tim Horton's coffee and maple syrup glazed donuts in such emergencies. Failure to plan is just planning to fail.

I am terrified now that if the world ever go into another ice age that we will be the last people in the world alive. We made our peace with the snow gods centuries ago because we really don't like leaving anything to the 'last minute'.

cs, I couldn't believe I had anything good to say about the French reaction either but they seem to be coping really well which if you think about it, is more of a 'surrender' to the snow rather than a 'coping' with the snow.

I hope you saw what I just did there. The reference I made?

TS Hendrik said...

Seriously man, you should visit the deep south one winter and see how they freak out at the tiniest of flurries.

Kal said...

TS, in the land of the hillbilly in winter, the one mittened man is GOD.

TS Hendrik said...

Ha! I'm going to have to steal that to use against the hillbillies who mock my Canadian people.

Kal said...

What? We are mocked? Names, I want names god dammit.

TS Hendrik said...

Just put TN in your book. I get mocked as a Canadian all the time. Would you believe it, they even have the affront to insult Canadian institutions like Anne of Green Gables! (I got my brother the complete set for xmas)

Kal said...

I meant names the offenders, not the victim.

ANNE too? I just can't listen to this anymore. What the hell is wrong with Anne Of Frickin Green Gables? Oh dem is fighting words.

I can see why they hate it. Anne has substance rather than a substance problem. They can't relate.