Friday, December 31, 2010

Alright 2011 - Bring It Bitch

This frickin' year is only seven minutes away and I have two things already that are gonna give me a stroke.

First of all, the entire history of 'Cave of Cool' comments are gone. Every single thing you said to me and I said to you on a myriad of issues since September of 2009 no longer remains. I am near tears of sorrow and anger. That is too much to expect anyone to bear, really.

Secondly I saw a picture of Coral, who I am not going to talk about or post about. Like Denise, she is dead to me. To see that she posted pics online (I turned on my Hotmail messenger for the first time in years and there they were) only bring back bad memories that I don't want to deal with ESPECIALLY AT THIS FUCKING MOMENT.

I know I joke about many a plot against me by the Cephalopods but it's never been as real than it is to me right now.

All I can really do at this point is express a hearty "FUCK YOU WORLD" , pick the remnants of my shattered life and move on. At least my posts are still here to keep me warm (just like my bitterness keeps me warm)

12:08...yaaaaaa Happy New Year everyone.

SIDE NOTE - I know that some of you just experience some confusion so if you want to understand the complete story of a man losing his mind read THIS post first and read the post ABOVE it second. Instead of the usual order of things on Blogger. I promise you that everything will make sense again. Personally I like the reverse storytelling on this one.


Tempo said...

Lost all your comments? how can that even happen? Im pretty sure they will be retrievable by getting in touch with Blogger. This happened on BigBlog a while back but they found and fixed them. Best of luck there big fella.
As for the women in our lives...if ya ever work em out...let me be the first to know the secret....please! (pitiful begging)

TS Hendrik said...

That sucks big time. You gotta give blogger an earful. That kind of thing just can't stand.

Kal said...

Oh wait till you read what I am writing right now. Will blow you mind.

I am conserned though about people reading this post and the one I am working on in reverse order due to the way one post stacks on another.

I should put a warning label on it to keep me covered - liability wise.

Wings1295 said...

Sorry about the comments, Cal.

You could do Retro Posts, where you repost some of the old posts and get comments on them anew, see what peeps have to say now.


Kal said...

That is so errie that you say that. I just answered a comment by Dez that I was planning to that exact same thing when I research who has given me awards and add their names to each award.

As I do my seach through my massive archive I was planning to collect a bunch of Best Of The Cave of Cool past posts that many have not seen because they haven't gone back that far - who could go back that far?

Contemplating Cadie said...


Hmmm. My word verification is "meanest". I wonder if that's a little forshadowing...

Kal said...

That is some spooky WV bullshit right there.

Who is Coral? That question is one I can't answer. It's also one of two stories I will never tell."

Some of the best advice my father ever gave me was when he said, "If you choose not to forgive her in your heart then the bad memories are all you will have left of her. The good memories will die."

I chose forgiveness but with that came a promise to never talk about it to anyone.

The very sadest thing is that I have TWO such heartbreaking stories in my life.

Yeh, my pain goes deep. Never thought I was so complicated a fellow, did you?

Contemplating Cadie said...

now my word verification is soman. As in: So man, I'm really sorry. That sucks. It reminds me of how blessed I've been in life.

Great advice you received!

Kal said...

Don't be sorry. I get all that delicious ennui that the memories create and you know how much me loves me some ennui.

I can be brooding like Heathcliff in 'Wuthering Heights' or Achilles sulking in his tent during the 'Iliad'.

It's all a bonus for me. Honest.

I would have never posted anything about her but I needed to remind the gods not to screw with me on this one.

Some drunk godling probably thought he was being funny by having her mysteriously 'appear' last night at the exact moment when I was stresing because I thought I lost my comment collection.

I trust he will be sufficiently repromanded or I will have to take a trip up there and do it myself.

Anonymous said...

always the victim.

Kal said...

Classic. Couldn't resist could you Lisa. Thanks for still caring.

Anonymous said...

No problem - maybe in 2011 you can work on that victim mentality.

Kal said...

The mere fact that YOU think that is a good idea makes me instantly want to go in the other direction.

Pot calling the kettle black?