Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Existential Ennui Of Justin Bieber

I think I am having a stroke. What? He is getting all deep and moody on us now? He's and 'artist' now? What is he calling his new perfume? SADNESS?

You don't know how much I just want to hold this kids head under water for ten minutes. As annoying as it is now can you imagine how much worse it's going to get next year?

Please Justin, use your celebrity to bring attention to a real important cause. How about the complete lack of choice available in puppy collars at Walmart? Change the world. The future is yours.

Good grief!


Pat Tillett said...

I'm convinced that this dwarf is the anti-christ...

Truthfully, he's no different than bread, fast food, or a car. He's a contrived product.

Kal said...

Bread and Circuses my friend...Bread and Circuses.

I have said it before - are you telling me that in ALL the world, you can't find another kid who does what he does but who is a million times better at it?

I know the culture needs it's icons for all ages and demographics but why HIM? And don't tell me it's because he is so unique and a once in a lifetime result of the universe coming together is a perfect way. The Beatles were that. Frank Sinatra was that. Elvis was that.
They were products too but they were GOOD products.

It just seems that we are really chosing to accept a jelly sandwich off the floor when we could demand the full Thankgiving meal at the table.

What does a stroke feel like anyways?

Ally said...

The same way you love Selena, I secretly love Justin Bieber. I don't know why or what it is. Don't tell anyone I told you that.

Kal said...

No, your secret is safe with me. Selena has substance though. He is so light weight. I have seen pictures of them together and it feels like he is just hanging around her to piss me off....because it's all about me.

Sawyer Westbrook said...

That's not Justin Bieber - and that's my artwork. I made this piece from a stock image. The original model just had similar hair, apparently.

Would you mind removing this? You're using it without my permission. Thank you.

Raven said...

please remove this photograph, it is not justin bieber, but my model kevin. the photograph is my property and is not to be uploaded without my permission. thanks.

Sawyer Westbrook said...

Asking you once again - please remove this photograph immediately. Thanks.